Grow your business with Agile ERP

Every successful start-up aspires to be an on-going concern and a successful business entity. But the right things which propelled a start-up to a growing business suddenly slows business down due to growing complexity and a move towards adopting a process driven approach. The same processes that helped you grow become tedious, and managing them with spreadsheets, email, and shared documents is neither possible nor efficient enough to handle business.

No rewards for guessing the answer to this problem which is automation of business process, and that is path large organizations have taken when they encounter these hindrances to their growth – they have embarked on traditional multi-year ERP deployments and change management strategies which in most cases involve several applications that need to be integrated and maintained.

Small Organizations try to stay away from such complex IT systems primarily because of high cost implications and a fairly realistic fear that the ERP implementation will bind them into business processes that cannot be changed any longer. Many organizations of small to medium size whose competitiveness thrived on their ability to be flexible in business process as per changes in market dynamics suddenly find it ERP as an hindrance to growth. Therefore, many organizations have compromised the benefits of automation of business processes in favor of preserving flexibility in business processes.

There are many factors which play a role in success or failure of ERP use by small and medium enterprises, the most important is speed of deployment. ERP solution should provide amazing abilities along with ability to be deployed rapidly in an agile environment. It should also be flexible, versatile and highly integrated so that it can be scaled as your business grows.

In the subsequent posts, I will explain the most important decision parameters factors that small and medium businesses should keep in mind regarding ERP implementation. It is imperative to understand how ERP can influence the agility of your business. It will also help you to make the right decision when selecting an ERP.

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