How to create an OpenERP V 6.1 module

Every OpenERP developer or integrator knows how can be annoying to create a new module or to add new features (like views,actions, etc) to it. There are several approaches for bootstrapping it.

The first, the most common I think, is to copy & paste an existing module (or an empty one), rename it, and replace all the bits to fit your needs. The second is to use an IDE like Eclipse or TextMate or Sublime-text and create or load all the predefined snippets you need.
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DOM, HTML5, & CSS3 Performance by : PAUL IRISH

Here are the slide

In this 30min video I cover:

  • Reflows, what they are and how to avoid them
  • Hardware accelerated CSS, how to trigger it
  • Letting the browser optimize animation for you with requestAnimationFrame
  • Web Workers
  • Benchmarking
  • Build scripts