How to create an OpenERP V 6.1 module

Every OpenERP developer or integrator knows how can be annoying to create a new module or to add new features (like views,actions, etc) to it. There are several approaches for bootstrapping it.

The first, the most common I think, is to copy & paste an existing module (or an empty one), rename it, and replace all the bits to fit your needs. The second is to use an IDE like Eclipse or TextMate or Sublime-text and create or load all the predefined snippets you need.
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Symlink openerp-server.conf for OpenERP 7

Here are the options that you can use in your openerp-server.conf file to tweak your OpenERP 7 installation.

how to start your server with a start scrip just changing the ports and all other default settings. You can also start your server with a specified config file with -c command.

./server/openerp-server -c /path/to/openerp-server.conf

Here is the config file spitted  into parts for easy understanding.

Server startup config – Common options

# Admin password for creating, restoring and backing up databases
admin_passwd = admin

# default CSV separator for import and export
csv_internal_sep = ,
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